Butte County Prays

We have 43,200 minutes to spend in each month.  Can we ask you for 30?

Butte County churches are launching a new prayer movement that we are calling “Butte County Prays.”  Each church is being asked to mobilize their people to take a 30 minute slot, one day per month to pray.  Butte County Prays officially launches  on October 1st.  

As Neighborhood Church, our day to pray is the 2nd Wednesday of each month. 

Our first day to pray is Wednesday October 10th, and then our turn will come up the second Wednesday of each month.  We are asking you to signup for October 10th,and then to fill that slot every month on an ongoing basis. You can pray from wherever you are, and you can join your family in praying together or just pray on your own. 

A prayer guide, which is a short bullet point list of requests, will be made available digitally and in paper form.  Our goal is to get every minute in our 24 hour day covered with prayer.  As churches in Chico, Oroville, Paradise and other small towns in our area  sign up, we will fill every hour of every day of every month with specific prayer. 

If you are interested in signing up for a 30 minute slot to pray, you can sign up online at our signup genius site, it only takes a minute to do! 


Sign up to Pray on the 2nd Wednesday of each month


To make this more accessible, we have developed an app for your smartphone that you can download and access the prayer list.  It will also send you a reminder about the time slot that you sign up for!  The app is available in the iTunes store and for android devices.  Just look up Butte County Prays and watch for our logo! 

iTunes Link

Play.Goggle Link

I am so excited about what God is going to teach us about prayer, and also excited about the amazing things that God wants to do in response to our prayers!  We have never mobilized prayer on this broad of a scale.  We believe the Holy Spirit is about to pour out in new ways, please join us!!!

Andrew Burchett

Written by Andrew Burchett

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