Do you ever wonder why God seems to be so silent? 

Have you ever been in times and seasons where you pray but don’t sense much and wonder if your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling? 

I sure have. At those times God often leads me to think differently as I pray, and times when my thoughts don’t seem to change as a result of spending time praying. When I am unsure of how to move ahead and I am asking God for clarity and direction – sometimes God seems curiously quiet.

If this has been your experience, you might begin to resign yourself to the fact that there must be something wrong with you. You may also find that your expectation for God to speak to you wanes.  Even Sunday mornings may seem lifeless and less of an opportunity to meet God, and more like going through the motions. 

What I long for is to have an encounter with the most High God, and I don’t want to fall into a place of dictating to Him what it should look like to meet me.   

One of the things I love is receiving prophetic words that encourage me and help me see that God loves me enough to share just the right thing through someone else. I realize I won’t always get a prophetic word.    

Have you ever gotten what I call Holy Spirit goose bumps?

It always gives me the Holy Spirit goose bumps when I am praying for someone in such a way that it confirms what God has already shown that person. There are also times when I don’t get any feedback from others that I prayed for.

There are also times when I read a verse in my Sunday morning quiet time before church, and then we sing the words to that verse in a worship song, it reminds me God is still speaking and other Sundays when there seems to be no overlap in the worship songs for me. Or when you are asking God a question and the direct answer to your question is what the speaker at a worship service says!  And other times when I don’t find the overlap between what I’m asking God and what I’m hearing in church.   

Are you ready for a fresh encounter with the Lord? 

If so, it may mean you need to do some things different and try some different worship pathways that you normally don’t approach God through.  This may mean you need to take a walk in a beautiful place (nature pathway), sit in silence (contemplative pathway) or even get some new worship music (worship pathway). 

You might also consider coming to our district conference this next week that we called “Encounter.” We invite our church family to attend the following events, Tues. 3pm, Paradise prayer walk, meet at Paradise Alliance Church, Wed. 3pm session on grief in the Dome and Tues. & Wed. evening sessions in the Dome at 6:30pm.

We are coming with expectation that God is going to meet us and Hope will arise.  Please consider joining us and come ready to have a fresh encounter with God.

Andrew Burchett

Written by Andrew Burchett

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