In Times of Fear

This Christmas Season


Focus on Jesus

When To Pull The Plug

All Hallow’s Eve

Managing Trauma with Resilience [Free Workshop]

Answers to Pray


Strong Women

Finishing Well

Happiest Place on Earth

Who Was Timothy?

Reaching those in need with Hope


Symbols & Reminders

When Loving People Hurts

In God We Trust?

Hearing Gods Voice

God's Wisdom In The Law

Blessed Are The Merciful

Tend to the Garden of Your Heart

Post- Christian

Perga Moments

Death Defeated

The Winning Team

He Is Always With Us

The Good Shepherd

Tell Me What You See?


Do You Have an Accent?

The Word of God is Living and Active

Walk in the Steps of Jesus


An Honest Reflection

When God Seems Silent

Vacation Time!

Sifting through the ashes

Drawing Closer to God

Moving Through Difficult Times

Loving Well in The Midst of the Camp Fire

With Courage We Face This Together

Finding and Being Safe People

Take a Posture of Asking Good Questions

Being Thankful

24hr Prayer is Like a Relay Race

I Respect You

Prayer Movement Launch: Butte County Prays

Leaves are Starting to Fall

Who Stole The Honor From American Politics?

Honoring Ministry

One of the Best Ways to Meet Your Neighbors

God's Storage

Modeling Godly Disappointment

Lessons from a Glorious Sunset

Jesus is Going With You


What Would it Look Like?

The Coaching Paradigm

Three Most Important Things in Life

Protector of Our Soul

Paul, The Apostle of Christ- A Thumbs Up

Let's Go After the Impossible Together!

Forgiving - Even When It Feels Impossible

Even Jesus Grieved

Lent: Cross or Blessing?

An Invitation

What are You Trusting in More Than God?

Close Encounters of a Supernatural Kind

There Once Was a Man Named Luke

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